Sore Afternoon.

I was reading. Articles that make my eyes open. As i absorbed every mix of letters. I am thirsty. Simple argues colored days. Nail longer, hair longer. What makes my face seems plain?

I am confused. To every single person who felt in the wrong place. Why don’t you move on? You look for someone who can cheer you up. Otherwise, it is just a pray at the night.

I was writing. And desires grow as a young plant. Might be a plantation? I don’t know. It seems that i am into this humanising proj. I might be create a self-project! Something that i love most. I will create. I won’t wait!

I was in January. 2014 was blooming while i kiss my west familiar atmosphere. It was kinda easier to meet and greet. Friends are all around. And then i was in October, June, September, May! March! November 2012! July-August 2012! March 2012! Desember 2011!

It was a great story. Lovely experiences i keep in my life. I believe that i hold in my hand again. I believe in my faith that if i do good effort i won’t lose.

I am in noon. On the east side of the busy road. Observing is the most interesting subject of myself. While i sometimes think about how these people walk their day. While i sit and watch activities; movement. While i feel and keep the ambience. How far this influence you?

One moment at that time, i was craving to. Now, i still am. But is starting always seems this empty? Some say it is unimportant thingy that i should take at side. But some say that this is important to be discussed. That, my friend, was my brain.

It was a sore. Publication about sore. A science definition about sore and how you can handle it. Was a good one tho.

"Sore is a pain, aching, wound even disease that you experience phisically."

To all of the experiences, i need you. To all of the affection, i need you most.

For tomorrow and later that i need.



SPOTLIGHT: The New York City Ballet by JR

For their 2014 Art Series, the New York City Ballet enlisted the remarkable talents of French street artist and photographer, JR to create a large scale art photo installation featuring the dancers of NYCB, placed in various parts of the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. More after the jump:

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If only analyzing was bad, therefore i am a bad person.

This late weeks tho, were so unfaithful. All came sudden and too much. Friday started out, coming out the doubt. On the other side of earth, in different continent, might be begin the spring. Bloom, all flower, bloom, sing! My hand is cold, my mind is freezing as the wind breezes. I miss to touch a beauty. Creatures which never fail. Or, it is the failure itself. But it is still a beauty. Beauty can never hide. Like a flax and sunflower which are teasing me now. Yet, they make me in love.

On this night of the third week of March, i would like to be Friday forever. A day when i wonder my Saturday and Sunday rundown, a day where i end week days. Not that i did not enjoy, but literally being in a transition is creating comfort. I reflect to a mirror where i can look my whole. Maybe i want to look at closer distance. Maybe i want to look deeper. Pair of eyes are looking for something they even do not know exactly. As the passion, heart and mind lead to a bunch of character which shaped a personality that always developed, Eyes that always wide open. But, maybe i am afraid to know the details. Eyes to eyes at the mirror, bring a lot of love to give, Transfer curiosity that seem never to fully filled. It is the way it is.

For a moment i am feeling secure and guaranteed. For this moment i take a huge part of deals. Nothing compare to my happiness for becoming someone i need to be settled on. And this is the process.

I walked every day since i have been decided to put my trust. To observe and to silent at that time. To be sure and know what i am doing, To improve and to create works which slowly referring into my way.It should be applied as the exact plan; the right way.

So, thought i would never argue analyzing is something bad. For good purpose even. Our call to analyze. Even the rapidest ability of deciding.